Five sit beside me activities: Keeping your toddler busy while you are, too

Turn to your Columbus daycare for must-try ideas

When you take your child out of a Columbus daycare staff’s care and back into your own after work, the busy part of your day has often just begun.

As much as you’d love to interact one-on-one with your child every moment you’re with them, preparing dinner, balancing the checkbook or making important phone calls are difficult tasks to accomplish with a toddler who isn’t being entertained. The solution? Sit beside me activities.

Here are five non-messy, stimulating activities that are fun for your child, therefore maximize your productivity so you can get back to one-on-one time.

Columbus child care1. Books – Grab a pile of your child’s favorite books and have them independently look through them. It may seem extremely simple, but looking through books is great for their development. Encourage your son or daughter to “read” the story, too. Although they’re not at reading age yet, it’s fascinating to hear what toddlers’ creativity takes them when telling a story solely off pictures.

2. Stickers—Have your child make sticker art on a poster board or construction paper. You can even make an educational game of it and have them organize stickers by color, shape or type. It keeps your toddler occupied, as an outlet for creativity, while exercising their motor skills, too. If the stickers are too hard to get off the sheets, give them a head start by slightly peel them off in advance or sticking them to the edge of a table.

3. Spice Jars and groceries— A little less noisy than pots and pans, spice jars are fun for kids to shake, stack and roll around and the perfect activity to give to your child while cooking dinner or doing dishes. Just make sure the lids are tightly secured. Another kitchen activity is to have your toddler play with all of the boxed groceries, stacking them into towers or arranging them into fun “set ups”.

4. Laundry Hamper— Have you child throw all of the clothes out of the hamper for you to fold. They’ll feel like they’re doing something they’re not supposed to, when really, they’re lending a hand. You can even have them help you out by having them match socks. And when they’re done, have them play make-believe, transforming the hamper into their own tunneChild Care Columbusl, hiding place or car.

 5. Rip and tear— Toddlers find destruction very satisfying, so why not channel that energy into something fun they can do? Have your child tear strips of construction paper into pieces and place into a container. Then, in the future, you can have them make the colorful pieces into a beautiful piece of refrigerator-worthy art by sticking them to contact paper.

Our Columbus early learning center is focused on building your child’s relationships

All children are innately curious. They are competent, capable learners who increase their understanding through exploration and discovery. Sprout Early Education Center’s philosophy lies in helping your child build relationships with not only those around them, but with the objects in their environment.  Choose a Downtown Columbus daycare that believes teaching and learning is an inquiry process. This approach to learning builds on a child’s natural inclination to question and investigate, just like the sit-beside me activities.

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