Choosing a Columbus daycare: 5 questions to ask yourself

Take advice from the experts at Sprout Early Education Center

Think of choosing a Columbus daycare like shopping for a new car. It needs to be dependable, safe, clean, and most of all, the best choice is often made after extensive research. So where do you start? Before beginning your quest for the perfect daycare match for your child, consider the following questions. 1. What are the daycare facility’s and staff’s qualifications? Choosing a daycare is a commitment to send your child to spend a substantial amount of time with the same childcare staff each and every day. It is crucial to get to know everyone who will be interacting with your child. Although it may be difficult, your child’s safety and education comes first and addressing even the toughest points is essential. Take these questions into account when you’re at your first meeting:

  • Have all staff members passed background checks? If so, what did that background check entail?
  • Is the daycare’s curriculum accredited?
  • Has their space passed safety inspections?
  • Is the curriculum certified?

2. What qualities does the daycare’s staff possess? Although a daycare may have all their ducks in a row on paper, the way they interact with your child and the content of their character is just as important. Here are just a few important qualities to look for in staff members:

  • Wants and likes to bechild care columbus ohio with children
  • Has a sense of humor
  • Feels a connection with children
  • Has common sense about what a child needs
  • Stays calm under pressure
  • Has physical energy to keep up with your child
  • Possesses a positive attitude

“The quality of childcare really depends on the adult-child interaction and how good that is,” says Linda Smith, executive director of the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies. “That requires someone who has the ability to focus in on a child, where she’s at, what her needs are (developmentally). The expectations are really important.”

3. What is the daycare’s philosophy/teaching style? Be sure your principles and expectations align with the mission statement and foundation of what the daycare is built upon. At Sprout Early Education Center, we believe that children are competent and capable learners in their own right. Knowing that, we embrace children as sources of their own learning and development, helping them to build relationships and explore their environment. Our internationally minded but locally engaged approach to helping children grow allows us to guide them through the learning process. Want to learn more about our philosophy and learning environment? Click here.

4. What is the teacher-to-child ratio? The fewer children tended to by each staff member is critical to quality childcare. The more attention and care your child receives from the daycare’s staff, the more your child’s growth and development are ensured. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services requires licensed childcare centers to adhere to its childcare staff to children ratio law. For example, one staff member is required for every five infants (under 12 months) and two staff members for every 12 infants. One staff member is required for every seven toddlers (children between 18 months to two and a half years old).

columbus early learning center5. How well kept is the facility? Whenever there are many people in a shared space on a daily basis, germs are bound to be a concern, let alone when small children are involved. Little ones have a tendency of putting toys in their mouth, eating art supplies and having little manners when runny noses and sneeze-spells happen. All toys and surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized often. Be sure that hand washing is encouraged and cleaning supplies are handy, but safely out of children’s reach. Besides cleanliness, an open, uncluttered, organized space with multiple areas for different types of learning activities is best.

DSC_0133 Are you ready to consider Sprout Early Education Center as the right Columbus daycare for you and your family? Conveniently located Downtown, Sprout possesses all of the characteristics of a quality childcare center. Download our program application today or call 614.233.7776 to schedule a tour.

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