Best practices: traveling and vacationing with toddlers

Columbus child care tips from packing up to the car ride home

Summer vacations are in full swing, and millions of families are packing up and hitting the road for weeklong escapes. These getaways may mean a deviation from meal and <bedtime routines> for your children, but going on vacation doesn’t have to mean fussy kids and chaos. Consider the following helpful packing and travel tips this year for the fun, family trip you all deserve.

Packing tips

Columbus daycare downtown• Diapers – Be sure to bring extras in case there’s a flight delay, traffic jam or emergency.

• Clothes – Pack one to two outfits per day. Darker colored clothes hide spills and stains better. Also, pack layers for fluctuations in weather conditions and temperature.

• Clean-up supplies—You can never have enough mini hand sanitizer bottles, wipes or tissues on-hand. Bring laundry soap, too, for handwashing clothing that was soiled in the car or on the plane.

• Nightlight—If your toddler is used to having one during their bedtime, remember to grab his from home to use in their room at the hotel or vacation home. There’s a good chance these places come equipped with nightlights.

• Plastic bags – When an outfit gets dirtied, or an emergency diaper change is required, having a stash of bags handy could turn out to be a lifesaver.


Traveling tips

Columbus child care center• Consult your doctor—If your little one has never been in the car for an extended period of time or on an airplane before, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a professional’s advice of what medicines to give for motion sickness or sinus pressure relief.

• Prepare for a late arrival—What’s inevitable about doing anything with kids is that things always take longer when they’re involved, and vacationing is definitely not an exception. Anticipate more pits tops on your road trip, and be prepared for breakdowns and temper-tantrums.  Have patience, and know that by expecting bumps in the road will make accepting these setbacks a lot easier.

• Don’t forget their favorites—Have your child’s favorite toy nearby to comfort and keep familiarity during the vacation, whether that be a stuffed animal, binky or blanket. Bring the second favorite, too, in case of the worst case scenario and the favorite becomes MIA in a lost piece of luggage.

• Prepare a goody bag—Don’t just shove an iPad in front of your child’s face if they’re giving you a hard time. Did you know that tablets and TV have been proven to make your toddler fussy? Have your child split their time with the electronic and a drawstring bag filled with busy toys, from coloring books, a few action figures or dolls, to a small container of play dough or puzzle books to exercise their minds.

• Put a bow on everything—To add an extra element of entertainment and distraction, wrap up everything in their goody bag, even their snacks! Kids will think this is fun, and for a real surprise, make one of the wrapped toys a brand new one.

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