7 Ways to Thank Your Child’s Teachers

The weather is warming up and the school year is winding down. What better time to show gratitude and appreciation to your child’s teachers? There are many ways to show teachers and support staff how much their hard work means to you and your child, and many of them don’t cost a thing. Here are 7 ideas to say thank you to your child’s teachers:

Give a thoughtful gift.

Many parents like to give gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week, holidays, or the end of the school year. Popular gifts for teachers include high-quality lanyards/key fobs, sealed beverage cups (for all the coffee they need for those early mornings!), or gift cards for restaurants, groceries, or pampering services.

Contribute to the classroom.

Classroom supplies and equipment are expensive. A lot of teachers pay for these items out of their own pocket. Let parents contribute toward the cost of school supplies for next year…and replace the ones our kids used up! Or band together to help purchase larger items like iPads, classroom sets of books, or even a new computer. You’ll want to ask the teacher what items would be most helpful. They can even set up a campaign on DonorsChoose.org and receive donations from around the world.


There’s never enough time in the day if you’re a teacher. If you can spare a half day from work, volunteer to chaperone a field trip, present a lesson in the classroom, or even just come in after school to help clean and organize the classroom. Gather a few other parents to make quick work of sharpening pencils, cleaning toys, and sorting supplies.

Attend parent-teacher conferences.

Parent-teacher conferences are not just for behavior or academic problems. Even if your child is doing well at school, attending conferences is a simple way to be present in your child’s education. It shows the teacher that you care, and perhaps more importantly, it shows your child that you care.

Vote and campaign during Board of Education elections and for school levies.

Whether your child attends public school or not, issues in public education affect everyone. Learn about candidates for your local board of education so you can make an informed decision at the voting booth. Attend board meetings that are open to the public so you can see the needs and issues facing the schools. If a funding levy is on the ballot, encourage neighbors and friends to support education for all children.

Write a personal note.

Just about every teacher agrees that personal notes and photos from students are a wonderful way to remember each special child who spends time in their classroom. You may have to “help” little ones write a little letter of appreciation, but know that these notes will be cherished.

Go back and visit.

If logistics and schedules permit, bring your child back to a former teacher to visit. Teachers love to see how their students have grown and taken the benefits of their teaching with them. Kids often love seeing their old classrooms, especially how small everything looks when they’re big!

Our teachers at Sprout Early Education Center work hard all year round to provide loving care and enriching education for your students. We are so grateful for their efforts and presence every day. Say hello and thank you to them next time you’re around!

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