Learning By Doing


Children are competent and capable learners in their own right. Knowing that, we embrace children as sources of their own learning and development, helping them to build relationships and explore their environment. Relationships make it possible for children to nurture their curiosity, question their surroundings, and hypothesize about possible connections that bring meaning to their world.

At Sprout Early Education Center, our internationally minded but locally engaged approach to helping children grow allows us to guide them through the learning process. This takes place through a nurturing teacher-child relationship. We believe that every child has the right to a caring and responsive teacher. This relationship is crucial to the child’s growth, learning, and development.


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Early childhood education is a journey, not a race. On this journey, children travel at their own pace according to their individual development, background, experience, and needs. That’s why our child care curriculum is based on the philosophy that children learn best by doing. This requires active thinking and experimenting to discover how things work and to learn firsthand about the world where they live.

Our curriculum is grounded in the concept of social constructivism, which is the philosophical belief that all knowledge – and the way that knowledge is acquired – takes place by interacting with others in a social context. By engaging in this active process, children can build relationships with each other and with objects in their environment, which in turn helps to facilitate the learning process.

Our second and equally important foundation is based on the fact that all children are innately curious. They are competent, capable learners who increase their understanding through exploration and discovery. This inquiry-based approach to learning builds on a child’s natural inclination to question and investigate. At Sprout Early Education Center, we believe teaching and learning is an inquiry process.

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Teaching Staff

Our staff brings a wealth of expertise and life experiences that greatly enhance the learning environment at Sprout. Our lead teachers have a degree in early childhood education or a related field. They are selected based on their ability to warmly engage children in the learning process and to create unique and effective learning experiences. Want to learn more? Contact us to tour Sprout today.

Jerzell Pierre-Louis

Founder & CEO

Megan Brown

Director of Childcare and Education